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How does it work?

Hundreds of training & education institutes participate in EDU-DEX; more every month. They import all programme details each and every day, directly into the EDU-DEX system. In this way they are sure that hundreds of portals, LMSs, Apps and catalogs can publish up to date, reliable and complete information the next day. And participants can compare programmes always on the basis of the correct prices and starting dates .

What’s in it for your institute?

Training providers often spend a lot of money and many weekly hours on 1-on-1 updating of a variety of portals, catalogs, platforms and Apps. That is error prone, time-consuming and slow. Participants in EDU-DEX get rid of these problems and update all external overviews through one system. So they never again receive registrations for starting dates that have changed, or for outdated or incorrect prices. And they never again need to establish an additional export protocol for new customers or platforms.

The connection with EDU-DEX is more or less comparable with the connection with another external system. The big difference is that through EDU-DEX you can provide all other systems with the same data – automatically, every day. That saves a lot of costs and weekly hours.

What does it cost?

EDU-DEX was set up by training providers as a collective, free of charge service to the customer, the buyer. The advantages: less costs, less time to set up 1-to-1 links, less prone to errors, and up-to-date every 24 hours.

The costs for participating in this system are € 800 per institute per year (full account). Institutes that only join EDU-DEX with regard to pay € 450 per year (light account). In addition to the annual fees all newly affiliated institutes pay a one-off € 500 for connection costs.

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EDU-DEX is known for its fast response to questions and issues. Through the first options below, you can even get an answer within a few minutes. More information about support you will find here.

Technical Manual

Use our detailed online documentation for support will all technical questions.

General Instruction

Please refer to the detailed manual upon entering your data manually.


Test live in seconds via the Validator whether your new XML feed validates against the EDU-DEX data standard.



Translate the standard export of EDU-DEX for a party that is not (yet) affiliated with EDU-DEX. Translator has been developed by a number of EDU-DEX-affiliated institutions.


Call +31 (0) 85 877 1088 for telephone support.

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Within one day an answer to your questions for EDU-DEX.

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What's the benefit of EDU-DEX for your institute?


Monthly general e-newsletter with news about developments of and around EDU-DEX, new participants and new customers.

During the annual seminar in 2023 a podcast was recorded with EDU-DEX-director Rino Schreuder.

FAQ / education & training institutes

What is an XML file?
XML is a worldwide standard that allows structured representation of data from a database in the form of plain text. This text is machine-readable as well as human-readable. The XML format is used by EDU-DEX to import data from affiliated education & training institutes If an institute does not have a relational database, or only a limited number of programs, the course data can also be entered manually at EDU-DEX.
How do I validate my XML file?
The basis of EDU-DEX is an open data standard that is accepted by all affiliated parties. To check whether your XML-file meets the standard of EDU-DEX, you can use our practical online Validator.
How to differentiate between classroom, blended, virtual and online programmes?
During the Corona crisis ever more training supppliers have (partly) digitalised their programme portfolio. In this respect, it is important to provide programme information properly, so that customers can see what kind of program it is. Please consult our technical documentation to learn more about all relevant fields.
I can no longer log in to EDU-DEX
Ask for a new password via
What should I do with an error message?
Should the import of one or more files at EDU-DEX have failed, you will receive an error message. It states what went wrong and in which file, and on which line of the XML. You can test the repaired XML in the online Validator. This will enable you to see whether the XML will import successfully the next time.
Can I make suggestions for improvements?
Send suggestions for improvements to with the subject “Suggestion for EDU-DEX.”

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