as a course provider

Choice 1: do you need EDU-DEX?

  • Do you have a problem with keeping your education information up to date in many portals and search sites, or in portals that cannot or can hardly be filled without EDU-DEX?
  • Then there is a solution: EDU-DEX links directly with 80 + search sites and portals, including the STAP register.

Do you have no problem keeping up with portals? Then you don’t need EDU-DEX.

Choice 2: light or full account

  • Light account: training providers who only join EDU-DEX with regard to the STAP-register and, can opt for a light account (€ 450 /year). Their information will not be visible to other portals.
  • Full account: training providers who join to pass on their information to more EDU-DEX Network Partners, choose a full account (€800/year).
  • To start with an EDU-DEX account, a one-time payment of € 500 connection costs is required, regardless of the type of account (light or full).

Choice 3: manual or XML?

  • manual: training providers who have no relational database; and/or with a maximum of approximately 25 programs with only a few starting moments per year; and/or training providers who want to start quickly and have not yet finished the XML feed (they can easily switch to XML later)
  • XML Link: XML is the language with which the data from one database is converted to the format of another database – via a so-called API (Application Programming Interface). EDU-DEX requires XML files from a specific API. Documentation on this can be found in our online Technical Manual.

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