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      Companies and intermediaries may use this form to request education & training institutes to supply programme information via EDU-DEX. This saves these companies and intermediaries the costs and work of collecting and standardizing data from many providers, and saves the institutes from maintaining many portals. Training institutes, intermediaries and customers should register separately with EDU-DEX, in order to receive their own account and login details.

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      Regular e-newsletter with general information about developments in and around EDU-DEX. With newly affiliated training providers and customers, new features, announcements of events and explanations of frequently asked questions. Sent about 10 times a year to about 2,500 people.

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      The e-newsletter with need-to-know information for active users of EDU-DEX; sent out three to four times a year. Subscribers work for education & training institutes, customers, IT partners, LMS suppliers, etc. Together they are responsible for the daily data flow from training providers through EDU-DEX to the customers.

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