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How does it work?

Many hundreds of companies and organizations keep their training catalog up-to-date on a daily basis with data from EDU-DEX. This is often provided by an external party. Almost all of these network partners are affiliated with EDU-DEX, because they and their customers benefit from reliable and up-to-date information.

In EDU-DEX, customers can make their own selection of data (or have them made):

  • which suppliers training and education
  • which programmes from such suppliers
  • what data about such programmes

With this data you can update your own LMS or catalogue every single day.

What does it cost?

For Network partners there are no costs involved when using data from EDU-DEX.

More information?

Watch the animation film below to learn more about EDU-DEX benefits (1,5 min.).

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EDU-DEX is reknowed for its rapid replies to queries from clients. The first options below provide you 24/7 with answers within a few minutes. More info about support can be found here.

Technical Manual

Use our detailed online documentation for support will all technical questions.

General Instruction

Please refer to chapter 8 of the manual if you, as a customer, want to export your own selection of program data from EDU-DEX (this content is available in Dutch only).


Translate the standard export of EDU-DEX for a party that is not (yet) affiliated with EDU-DEX. Translator has been developed by a number of EDU-DEX-affiliated institutions.


Call +31 (0) 85 877 1088 for support with both general and specialist IT questions.

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Within 24 hours an answer to questions for EDU-DEX.

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Monthly general e-newsletter with news about developments of (and around) EDU-DEX, new participants, and new customers.

Please listen to the podcast with Rino Schreuder.

FAQ / customers

What is an XML file?
XML is a worldwide standard that allows structured representation of data from a database in the form of plain text. This text is machine-readable as well as human-readable. The XML format is used by EDU-DEX to export the data from affiliated training providers to the customers.

Customers need a so-called API to convert the data from the EDU-DEX-XML to the fields in their own database.

Can I influence the content and format of my EDU-DEX-XMLs?
Content : yes, the customer always decides which training suppliers and which programmess are to be included in their own selection.

Format : the customer can choose from different formats:

  • all programme details of all selected providers in a single XML-file
  • per supplier a separate XML-file with all programme details
  • only for Network Partners: a directory file for each trainer, in which a separate XML-file for each programme
I can no longer log in to EDU-DEX
Ask for a new password via
Can I select myself from which training suppliers I receive course details?
Absolutely! Customers always determine which programmes from which providers they publish in their catalogue, LMS, search site or App.
Can I make suggestions for improving EDU-DEX?
Please let us know through the contact form.

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