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How does it work?

Employers want to keep the training catalog for employees up to date on a daily basis with the program information from EDU-DEX. Often such a catalog is provided by one of our over 70 Network Partners . After all, they and their customers benefit from reliable and up-to-date information.

Some of our Network Partners have their own search and booking site. They also need reliable, complete and up-to-date program data in order to optimally inform their visitors.

EDU-DEX Network Partners undersigned the EDU-DEX – Code of Conduct . This code of conduct ensures that the buyers and users of our training information adhere to the same values ​​as EDU-DEX: transparency, integrity, accessibility, quality and topicality.

In the EDU-DEX database, Network Partners can make their own selection of data:

  • which suppliers of education or training
  • which programs of those providers
  • which information regarding those programs

What does it cost?

For Network Partners there are no costs associated with using EDU-DEX.

Network Partners may also choose to become a paying member of the EDU-DEX foundation. I that case, they have access and voting rights during our annual meetings, and participate in the annual Network Meetings. A separate registration form is available for this.

More information?

Look at a selection of companies and organizations using EDU-DEX data or watch the animation below (1.5 min.)

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Here you will find the solution

EDU-DEX is known for its fast response to questions and issues. Through the first options below, you can even get an answer within a few minutes. More information about support you will find here .

Technical Manual

Use our detailed online documentation for support will all technical questions.

General instruction

This is available in Dutch only general instruction.


Translate the standard export of EDU-DEX for a party that is not (yet) affiliated with EDU-DEX. The Translator has been developed by a group of education & training suppliers and is supported by EDU-DEX.


Network Partners can indicate at EDU-DEX which fields they make mandatory for training suppliers. Do you as a Network Partner also want a column in the Obligator ? Please ask for the Obligator submission form using the Contact form below.


Call +31 (0) 85 877 1088 for telephone support.

Mail / Form

Within one day an answer to your questions to EDU-DEX .

Yes, we would like to join EDU-DEX!

How do you want to join EDU-DEX?

  • As a customer (using EDU-DEX programme details to inform our own employees through an LMS or catalogue)
  • As a training supplier (providing programme details to customers and platforms through EDU-DEX)
  • As a Network partner (using EDU-DEX-data for a search site or App, or to provide customers with updated programme information)
  • As a Network partner participant (becoming a formal participant in the EDU-DEX foundation)

    Registration Network Partner

    Accepts the conditions below and hereby formally registers with EDU-DEX until further notice.

        Network Partners need to accept the EDU-DEX Code of Conduct for Network Partners.
    • can also register as an official member of the EDU-DEX Foundation. Registration of a registered Network Partner as an official member of the foundation is done through a separate form Network Partner as a Participant.

    • personal data will only be used for direct communication between the Network Partner and EDU-DEX and for distributing the EDU-DEX Newsletters. See also ourprivacy statement.

      Registration Network Partners as EDU-DEX participant

      Accepts the conditions below and hereby formally registers with EDU-DEX until further notice.

      • the annual fee is € 1,000 excl. VAT

      •   As a paying participant in the Foundation, Network partners have access to, and voting rights during, the annual meeting of participants.  
      • the year starts on the day of registration and runs until 12 months afterwards

      • the participation agreement is automatically renewed, unless EDU-DEX receives and confirms at least one month written notice before the end of the current year of participation,

      • no refunds will be made in the event of early termination

      • personal data will only be used for direct communication between the participant and EDU-DEX and for distributing the EDU-DEX Newsletters. See also our privacy statement.

      During the annual seminar in 2023 a podcast was recorded with EDU-DEX-director Rino Schreuder.

      How do we receive the data from EDU-DEX?
      Network Partners may choose between two types of XML files:

      • With your login details you can create so-called catalogues in the Admin environment of EDU-DEX, containing a selection of programme details from one or more suppliers. Multiple filters are available, and you can create as many catalogues as you want. After compiling a catalogue, the XML of such a catalogue is updated every day, and is placed on a fixed URL on the EDU-DEX server. You can use that URL to import the latest data on a daily basis – from 3 a.m. Each catalogue provides one integral XML file with all selected programme details from all selected suppliers. You can find the URL of a catalogue yourself in the Admin environment.
      • You may also choose to import all data from all EDU-DEX suppliers on a daily basis with one directory XML file. Such an integral directory file contains per institute a separate URL with a sub-directory file, which in turn contains a separate URL per programme with the XML file of a single programme. This method allows you to locally select suppliers and programmes to include in your database. If you choose this second method, ask the secretariat of EDU-DEX for the URL of this integral directory XML.
      How do I ensure that education & training suppliers fill in the fields that are mandatory for our system?
      For that purpose EDU-DEX created the Obligator. Via a simple Excel sheet you can indicate to us which fields of the EDU-DEX data standard must be provided to ensure that data can be imported by your system. Ask for the Obligator submission form at the EDU-DEX Secretariat .
      What does the EDU-DEX data model look like?
      Please refer to our our online Technical Manual . There you will find answers to all questions that have already been asked in recent years – and more! Use the feedback button in the Manual should you still have a question.
      Some fields I import from EDU-DEX are not filled by the training supplier; how to improve this?
      EDU-DEX forms a transparent link in the data traffic between training supplier and customer or portal. We try to support the data flow as much as possible, and deliberately choose not to build in additional barriers. Therefore, relatively few fields are mandatory in EDU-DEX. The responsibility for providing sufficient and good programme details remains entirely with the training supplier which needs to provide the data that the customer (or the portal) requires.

      We intensely support communication between training supplier and customer, for example with the Obligator , where large customers and portals publish which fields are mandatory in their systems. And with the Validator , where a training supplier can test whether his XML files meet the requirements of large customers and portals.