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The EDU-DEX benefits

Through EDU-DEX, each 24h the updated information on tens of thousands of courses and trainings,
from over hundreds of education & training institutes flow to many hundreds of companies, organisations, governments and portals.

EDU-DEX ensures that millions of potential participants can select a training or study program on the basis of up-to-date, reliable and complete information. This is done independently, not-for-profit and transparent – day-in, day-out.

EDU-DEX does not operate its own search site – our customers do that. We provide for reliable and up to date course descriptions, dates and fees, on every platform!




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Review the solutions for:

Customers for training courses

Companies, organisations, institutions and government agencies want to provide their employees with the opportunity to find suitable education programmes, trainings and courses.

EDU-DEX ensures that their internal course catalogues or guides contain the most current and complete information ………

Education & training institutes

Education & training institutes want their programme details (content, prices, dates, locations, etc.) always and everywhere to be completely and correctly published. In any overview, catalog, App, search site or LMS.

Through EDU-DEX they can update hundreds of overviews and sites at once …….

Network partners

Our Network Partners ensure that information from the affiliated education & training institutes reaches hundreds of companies, government agencies, other organisations, search sites and Apps.

Through EDU-DEX they have access to up-to-date information from more than ……..


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Here you will find the solution

EDU-DEX is known for its fast response to questions and issues. Through the first options below, you can even get an answer within a few minutes.

Technical Manual

Refer to our extensive online documentation and support with all technical questions. </ p >

Refer to our extensive online documentation and support with all technical questions. </ p >


Test live in seconds via the Validator whether your new XML feed validates against the EDU-DEX data standard.

In addition, check whether you have filled in all fields that are required by our large customers .


Check which fields are mandatory for which customers or platforms through our Obligator .


Translate the standard export of EDU-DEX for a party that is not (yet) affiliated with EDU-DEX. Translator was developed by some educators and is supported by EDU-DEX.

Mail / Form

Within one working day you willl receive an answer to your questions to EDU-DEX .


Call +31 (0) 85 877 1088 for support with both general and specialist IT questions.


The Problem (until 2014)

Previously, there were hundreds of internal and public course overviews and search sites with outdated, incomplete and incomparable information about education & training programmes.

Each education & training institute had to send the same programme details to all of them, every time. And they had little influence on the frequency and quality of updates.

The Solution: EDU-DEX

Every 24 hours, EDU-DEX automatically sends the combined and updated course details of all institutions to all online overviews and sites.

The result : complete and always up-to-date programme details for the customer or participant, and cost savings for all parties in the chain.

The approach: co-operation & transparency

EDU-DEX is a not-for-profit, transparent data system belonging to the entire sector. It is managed by an independent Foundation Board nominated by the participating institutions; with user panels; with a Code of Conduct; Newsletters; and online support.

Users about EDU-DEX:

“We are happy with EDU-DEX, and we already use the up-to-date programme details to serve more than 15 customers”

Conclusion Learning Centers

We included EDU-DEX in the standard supplier agreements for education & training suppliers.

Dutch Railways

EDU-DEX is an important support for our supplier management. Affiliation with the EDU-DEX system is a precondition for our preferred suppliers.

Adecco Group

Our Newsletters


Regular e-newsletter with general information about developments in and around EDU-DEX. With newly affiliated training providers and customers, new features, announcements of events and explanations of frequently asked questions. Sent about 10 times a year to about 2,500 people.

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The e-newsletter with need-to-know information for active users of EDU-DEX; sent out three to four times a year. Subscribers work for education & training institutes, customers, IT partners, LMS suppliers, etc. Together they are responsible for the daily data flow from education & training suppliers through EDU-DEX to the customers.

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